Ars Magica: Druesberg

Friendly villagers

With the giant dead and ambulatory rat-house keeping off their fields, the villagers of Yberge are better disposed to the peasants. A few weeks after the events of the last session, the evil village priest declares that the village and the magi are past saving and leaves to find another parish. He is replaced by a more moderate and easy-going village priest.

Gebhard continues to visit the magi and takes it on himself to be the unofficial contact between the magi and the villagers.

New Magi

Arcturus, Malkan and Sir Adele picked up Sir Gilbert from Calebais and returned to the mountain town to find that the townsfolk were preparing to sacrifice a maiden to the dragon. They convinced the townsfolk to let them attempt to fight the dragon instead, and then succeeded in driving it off but not killing it. They rescued Ivan, who was heavily wounded but will recover under Malkan’s care. Pietyr and Cadheal are both dead.

In exchange to the arcane connections to the dragon and the town, Oracus of Criamon gave the covenant a high-quality book on Mentem.

Two new magi joined the covenant: Moro of Bjornaer, and Agnes of Criamon.

Arcturus explored the dead magi’s labs. Cadheal’s had become ambulatory and now roams the forest inhabited by officious talking rats. He retrieved the three ancient fertility fetishes that Cadheal had recovered from the first dragon’s hoard. In Pietyr’s lab, Arcturus found a hitherto-unknown book on Magic Lore in the middle of a circle of warding against demons.

The two new books are:

  • ‘The Spheres of the Mind’, Summa on Mentem, level 16, quality 15.
  • ‘The Magician’s Many Servants’, Summa on Magic Lore, level 3 quality 9.

There will be 8 seasons of downtime before the next adventure. Arcturus spends two of these fixing the arcane connections to give to Oracus, and Moro and Agnes each spend two seasons setting up their new labs in the covenant.

Over the course of these two years, the more observant characters notice that the people of the nearby village of Yberge are becoming more wary and hostile towards the magi and their associates.

Don't fight the dragon

Arcturus: Survived
Ivan: Heavily wounded, imprisoned by townsfolk
Cadheal: Probably dead
Pietyr: Probably dead

Greetings from Other Magi

Late 1228: Word of the exploits of the revitalised covenant of Druesberg is spreading in the Order. Ash the Redcap brings letters of greetings from three senior magi who might wish to trade with the Druesberg magi.

  • Portia of Bonisagus is a specialist in healing and longevity rituals. She regularly creates longevity rituals for other magi, and occasionally for very wealthy mundanes. She generally takes payment in the form of vis.
  • Oracus of Criamon is a reclusive scholar, rumoured to have the finest collection of magical books in the Alps Tribunal. He is protective of his library but sometimes lets other magi make copies in return for payment. He is interested in rare books and in permanent Arcane Connections to interesting people, creatures, or places.
  • Bellatrix of Flambeau was once a famous battle-mage, but has since retired to contemplate the mystical dimension of fire magic. She sometimes tutors younger magi in the arts of combat magic, or sells magical items of a martial bent. She is interested in Igmen vis, magical books, and insights into the Divine.
Miscellaneous downtime events



  • Aqrab informs Pietyr (either in person or in a dream) that she could tutor him and the other magi in Magic Lore. Bring the other magi to her, she says, and she can pose as a teacher – they don’t need to know her real nature. Alternatively, if he brings her writing materials, she could write them a book for their covenant library.
  • Despite now being married to Dominic, Dionisia is very grateful for being rescued, and when Dominic’s back is turned she chases Pietyr around the covenant in the hope of expressing that gratitude.


  • He has a feeling that something went wrong while experimenting on his ward against flames, but he can’t tell what. The spell appears to function properly.
  • Shortly before the end of the two years, his magical dog breeding regime produces a puppy with Magic Might, which reaches maturity quickly. James gets to create a magical dog using the point-buy system in Realms of Power: Magic. It is a Spring character (120 starting XP) with a Magic Might of 10-size. You should probably use the stats for the Hound in RoP:M as a starting point, or one of the dog variants in Lords of Men if you have it.


  • In addition to the eight seasons of downtime, Sarrazin and Ivan each gain 10 XP from the Calebais adventure. (Other players spent this at the end of the session)
  • If Sarrazin continues to tutor Lady Elsa, that takes up two of his eight seasons. He gets 2 XP in Teaching for each one, and he gets to pick what he teaches her. She is clever and studious but does not have the magical Gift.


  • No character-specific events besides what we’ve discussed by email.
Dominic and Dionisia

Autumn/Winter 1228: The couple that the magi invited to live at the covenant after rescuing her from the satyrs are named Dominic and Dionisia. They ask Malkan to marry them in the covenant chapel (if he doesn’t want to, they’ll go to the Yberge parish priest).

Dionisia was pregnant when the magi rescued her, and gives birth soon after she marries Dominic. The baby girl has yellow eyes and a pair of tiny horns on either side of her head. She also has a magical air to her, possibly indicating that she has the Gift. Despite this, Dominic decides to ignore her parentage raise her as if she were his own. The couple ask Malkan to baptize the baby, whom they name Iseut.

Dominic says he wants to repay the magi by becoming a shield grog and protecting them. He has had no military training but is physically fit and eager to learn.

Dionisia’s personality seems to have been altered by her stay with the satyrs; either that, or they chose her in the first place because she had a satyr-like personality. She turns out to have a voracious sexual appetite and a somewhat lax idea of what constitutes marital infidelity. She also wants to ‘repay’ the magi for rescuing her, especially Pietyr, whom she finds strangely fascinating.

Calebais: Spoils of Calebais

Loot gathered from the party’s first expedition to Calebais:


  • A Catalogue of the Magical Properties of Plants (Summa on Herbam, level 5, quality 9) by Drininkeana
  • A New Technique for Magical Growth (Tractatus on Creo, quality 9) by Drininkeana
  • A lab text detailing Ierimyra’s creation of the Hrools
  • A two-volume History of the Order of Hermes (Two Tractatus on Order of Hermes Lore, quality 8) by Ventus Gurges
  • A three-volume Magical History of the Roman Empire (Three Tractatus on Area Lore: Rome, quality 8) by Ventus Gurges
  • A five-volume The Storm Spells of Ventus Gurges (Five Tractatus on Auram, quality 8) by Ventus Gurges


  • 2 pawns Mentem (left by Dargaud’s ghost once the party convinced him he was dead)
  • 3 pawns Mentem (left by Josephine’s ghost once the party convinced her Gemaric was safe and she could move on)
  • 2 pawns Perdo (golden tusks from a boar skull from the lab of Ierimyra)
  • 8 pawns Vim (small crystals found amid the rubble of the lab of Ierimyra)
  • 5 pawns Auram (blue smoke trapped in glass containers from the lab of Ventus Gurges)


  • The Captain’s Shield: A magical shield that makes the wearer invisible if they stand completely still for several seconds. It is also magically resistant to wear and decay. It is currently emblazoned with the symbol of Calebais, although this could be painted over.
  • A two-foot-long stoppered beaker of non-magical acid.
  • Gemaric the magic walking rock
Calebais: Escape from Pitsdim

Arcturus, Pietyr, Sir Adele and Ivan were stuck at the bottom level of Calebais, with no stairs up and with the mad ghost of a fire wizard on the level above.

Pietyr managed to save the books and fragile items the party had discovered by taking them out of the well using his wall-walking ability. Arcturus found some more books in the lab of Ventus Gurges, which took up the bottom level, plus a set of three clay pots labelled ‘Tempest in a Pot’.

The party attempted to escape by freezing the water of the well and then draining it into a new cavern created beneath Calebais by Pietyr. The noise attracted Pitsdim, who descended the well to attack the party. They opened the tempest pots, which contained air elementals that attacked Pitsdim and distracted him. Sir Adele also prayed for help, and her guardian angel appeared and did battle with Pitsdim. Arcturus miscast a spell and entered Wizards’ Twilight.

Pietyr created some stairs out of the bottom level, and the party managed to escape, with the Twilight-ridden Arcturus. Arcturus emerged from Twilight, warped by the experience but having gained insights into Aquam magic. The angel exhausted Pitsdim in combat, although he would return at full strength the next day.

The whole party travelled back to Druesberg to plan their next move. Pietyr created a magical floating stone platform to allow Sister Abigail to be transported despite her wounds.

The wounded Sister Abigail confessed her lycanthropic curse to Malkan, who asked Pietyr to construct a special cell under the Druesberg covenant chapel to contain her whenever she transformed. With Malkan’s help it took her a little over four months to fully recover from her wounds.

Back at the covenant, the magi cooperated to prepare to rescue the woman whose disappearance had brought them to Calebais in the first place. Cadheal spent a season fixing the lock of the woman’s hair that the party had recovered into a permanent Arcane Connection to her. Pietyr created an experimental one-use magic item to locate her based on that Arcane Connection and a map (Intellego Corpus 20); the experiment worked, although a side-effect caused the map to become covered in gemstones. The item determined that she was alive in the faerie forest near Calebais.

Arcturus spent two seasons experimenting on a spell to make a person resistant to fire in case they had to fight Pitsdim again (Ward Against Heat and Flames, Rego Corpus 25). He invented the spell successfully, although he has a sense that his experiments may have also had another effect which has yet to become apparent.

Arcturus and Pietyr returned to the village near Calebais. With the information gained from the spell and Arcturus’s Second Sight they easily found their way into the faerie regio where she was being held as a communal wife by the satyrs. She had eaten the satyrs’ food and was unable to leave, but with the help of the dryad and her fiancĂ© they were able to free her. The couple found themselves no longer welcome at the village, but the magi invited them to live at the covenant.

The magi intend to spend two years becoming more powerful and then possibly return to Calebais. (This two years includes the time they’ve already spent freeing the woman.) The magi therefore have 8 seasons of downtime before the next adventure.

Calebais: Into the Depths

Arcturus, Pietyr, Sir Adele, and Ivan continued to explore the ruins of Calebais.

They found the lab of Ierimyra of Bjornaer, Magister of Life, in which they found some crystals (probably containing vis), a two-foot-long stoppered bronze beaker containing an unidentified liquid, and a scroll detailing the process by which Ierimyra granted the Hrools intelligence. A band of Hrools, from the Hrool warren adjoining the lab, confronted them and attacked them when they refused to surrender the items they had taken. The champion Hrool wounded Ivan with a spear, but Arcturus and Pietyr killed him. The adventurers took the champion Hrool’s magical shield, left, and barricaded the Hrools in their lair.

The adventurers then entered another wizard’s lab, which was initially full of illusions. They saw through the illusions and encountered the ghost of Mormulus, Magister of Illusions, who had created the veil that warded the covenant from scrying.

Next they descended to the level below, where they encountered the ghost of Pitsdim, Magister of Flames, in the ruins of the Calebais library. He managed to kill Bertram the mercenary, and the rest of the party escaped by jumping into the water at the bottom of the well.

At the bottom of the well, the party found themselves in a lab that had once belonged to the weather-mage Ventus Gurges. Here they encountered the ghost of Ventus Gurges’ lab assistant, whom they laid to rest by giving her some magical food.

Arcturus, Pietyr, Sir Adele, Ivan (who is slightly wounded), and the two surviving mercenaries are now stuck at the lowest non-flooded level of Calebais.

Story So Far: Calebais

Summer 1228: A Redcap named Ash delivered a damaged letter to the magi concerning the legendary covenant of Calebais, which collapsed into ruin fifty years ago. The letter’s owner had kept it secret since then, but recently heard of a disturbance in the village near Calebais, and asked Ash to seek the magi’s help in case the disturbance was related to the ruined covenant. The letter mentions the Bell of Ibyn, a magical artefact of great power.

The magi and their companions travelled to the village and set up a camp nearby. They learned that the disturbance was the death of a man and the disappearance of his daughter in the forest. The magi learned that satyrs live in part of the forest, and met Sir Gilbert, a knight who has come to slay the dragon he believes lives in the forest.

The magi managed to navigate through the magical illusions warding the covenant site, and reached the covenant itself. They have descended into the underground ruins of Calebais and met several of its inhabitants, which include ghosts, and humanoid ferret-like creatures called Hrools, and a fire drake who was once a familiar. They have also found and adopted an ambulatory rock, which was one a human child, and which they have promised to keep safe at the behest of his mother’s ghost.

The magi managed to reach the ruined laboratories of the magi of Calebais, and explored the lab that once belonged to a maga named Drininkeana, whose magic appeared to focus on plants and earth. From here they recovered a pair of books and a set of enchanted crystalline plants.

Two of the characters have been wounded in the ruins. Sister Abigail is heavily wounded, unable move herself without assistance, and will likely take several seasons to recover. Cadheal has several light wounds, which will likely heal in one or two weeks; currently he can walk slowly without assistance but not perform strenuous activities.


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