Ars Magica: Druesberg

Calebais: Escape from Pitsdim

Arcturus, Pietyr, Sir Adele and Ivan were stuck at the bottom level of Calebais, with no stairs up and with the mad ghost of a fire wizard on the level above.

Pietyr managed to save the books and fragile items the party had discovered by taking them out of the well using his wall-walking ability. Arcturus found some more books in the lab of Ventus Gurges, which took up the bottom level, plus a set of three clay pots labelled ‘Tempest in a Pot’.

The party attempted to escape by freezing the water of the well and then draining it into a new cavern created beneath Calebais by Pietyr. The noise attracted Pitsdim, who descended the well to attack the party. They opened the tempest pots, which contained air elementals that attacked Pitsdim and distracted him. Sir Adele also prayed for help, and her guardian angel appeared and did battle with Pitsdim. Arcturus miscast a spell and entered Wizards’ Twilight.

Pietyr created some stairs out of the bottom level, and the party managed to escape, with the Twilight-ridden Arcturus. Arcturus emerged from Twilight, warped by the experience but having gained insights into Aquam magic. The angel exhausted Pitsdim in combat, although he would return at full strength the next day.

The whole party travelled back to Druesberg to plan their next move. Pietyr created a magical floating stone platform to allow Sister Abigail to be transported despite her wounds.

The wounded Sister Abigail confessed her lycanthropic curse to Malkan, who asked Pietyr to construct a special cell under the Druesberg covenant chapel to contain her whenever she transformed. With Malkan’s help it took her a little over four months to fully recover from her wounds.

Back at the covenant, the magi cooperated to prepare to rescue the woman whose disappearance had brought them to Calebais in the first place. Cadheal spent a season fixing the lock of the woman’s hair that the party had recovered into a permanent Arcane Connection to her. Pietyr created an experimental one-use magic item to locate her based on that Arcane Connection and a map (Intellego Corpus 20); the experiment worked, although a side-effect caused the map to become covered in gemstones. The item determined that she was alive in the faerie forest near Calebais.

Arcturus spent two seasons experimenting on a spell to make a person resistant to fire in case they had to fight Pitsdim again (Ward Against Heat and Flames, Rego Corpus 25). He invented the spell successfully, although he has a sense that his experiments may have also had another effect which has yet to become apparent.

Arcturus and Pietyr returned to the village near Calebais. With the information gained from the spell and Arcturus’s Second Sight they easily found their way into the faerie regio where she was being held as a communal wife by the satyrs. She had eaten the satyrs’ food and was unable to leave, but with the help of the dryad and her fiancĂ© they were able to free her. The couple found themselves no longer welcome at the village, but the magi invited them to live at the covenant.

The magi intend to spend two years becoming more powerful and then possibly return to Calebais. (This two years includes the time they’ve already spent freeing the woman.) The magi therefore have 8 seasons of downtime before the next adventure.


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