Ars Magica: Druesberg

Calebais: Into the Depths

Arcturus, Pietyr, Sir Adele, and Ivan continued to explore the ruins of Calebais.

They found the lab of Ierimyra of Bjornaer, Magister of Life, in which they found some crystals (probably containing vis), a two-foot-long stoppered bronze beaker containing an unidentified liquid, and a scroll detailing the process by which Ierimyra granted the Hrools intelligence. A band of Hrools, from the Hrool warren adjoining the lab, confronted them and attacked them when they refused to surrender the items they had taken. The champion Hrool wounded Ivan with a spear, but Arcturus and Pietyr killed him. The adventurers took the champion Hrool’s magical shield, left, and barricaded the Hrools in their lair.

The adventurers then entered another wizard’s lab, which was initially full of illusions. They saw through the illusions and encountered the ghost of Mormulus, Magister of Illusions, who had created the veil that warded the covenant from scrying.

Next they descended to the level below, where they encountered the ghost of Pitsdim, Magister of Flames, in the ruins of the Calebais library. He managed to kill Bertram the mercenary, and the rest of the party escaped by jumping into the water at the bottom of the well.

At the bottom of the well, the party found themselves in a lab that had once belonged to the weather-mage Ventus Gurges. Here they encountered the ghost of Ventus Gurges’ lab assistant, whom they laid to rest by giving her some magical food.

Arcturus, Pietyr, Sir Adele, Ivan (who is slightly wounded), and the two surviving mercenaries are now stuck at the lowest non-flooded level of Calebais.


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