Ars Magica: Druesberg

Calebais: Spoils of Calebais

Loot gathered from the party’s first expedition to Calebais:


  • A Catalogue of the Magical Properties of Plants (Summa on Herbam, level 5, quality 9) by Drininkeana
  • A New Technique for Magical Growth (Tractatus on Creo, quality 9) by Drininkeana
  • A lab text detailing Ierimyra’s creation of the Hrools
  • A two-volume History of the Order of Hermes (Two Tractatus on Order of Hermes Lore, quality 8) by Ventus Gurges
  • A three-volume Magical History of the Roman Empire (Three Tractatus on Area Lore: Rome, quality 8) by Ventus Gurges
  • A five-volume The Storm Spells of Ventus Gurges (Five Tractatus on Auram, quality 8) by Ventus Gurges


  • 2 pawns Mentem (left by Dargaud’s ghost once the party convinced him he was dead)
  • 3 pawns Mentem (left by Josephine’s ghost once the party convinced her Gemaric was safe and she could move on)
  • 2 pawns Perdo (golden tusks from a boar skull from the lab of Ierimyra)
  • 8 pawns Vim (small crystals found amid the rubble of the lab of Ierimyra)
  • 5 pawns Auram (blue smoke trapped in glass containers from the lab of Ventus Gurges)


  • The Captain’s Shield: A magical shield that makes the wearer invisible if they stand completely still for several seconds. It is also magically resistant to wear and decay. It is currently emblazoned with the symbol of Calebais, although this could be painted over.
  • A two-foot-long stoppered beaker of non-magical acid.
  • Gemaric the magic walking rock


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