Ars Magica: Druesberg

Dominic and Dionisia

Autumn/Winter 1228: The couple that the magi invited to live at the covenant after rescuing her from the satyrs are named Dominic and Dionisia. They ask Malkan to marry them in the covenant chapel (if he doesn’t want to, they’ll go to the Yberge parish priest).

Dionisia was pregnant when the magi rescued her, and gives birth soon after she marries Dominic. The baby girl has yellow eyes and a pair of tiny horns on either side of her head. She also has a magical air to her, possibly indicating that she has the Gift. Despite this, Dominic decides to ignore her parentage raise her as if she were his own. The couple ask Malkan to baptize the baby, whom they name Iseut.

Dominic says he wants to repay the magi by becoming a shield grog and protecting them. He has had no military training but is physically fit and eager to learn.

Dionisia’s personality seems to have been altered by her stay with the satyrs; either that, or they chose her in the first place because she had a satyr-like personality. She turns out to have a voracious sexual appetite and a somewhat lax idea of what constitutes marital infidelity. She also wants to ‘repay’ the magi for rescuing her, especially Pietyr, whom she finds strangely fascinating.


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