Ars Magica: Druesberg

Greetings from Other Magi

Late 1228: Word of the exploits of the revitalised covenant of Druesberg is spreading in the Order. Ash the Redcap brings letters of greetings from three senior magi who might wish to trade with the Druesberg magi.

  • Portia of Bonisagus is a specialist in healing and longevity rituals. She regularly creates longevity rituals for other magi, and occasionally for very wealthy mundanes. She generally takes payment in the form of vis.
  • Oracus of Criamon is a reclusive scholar, rumoured to have the finest collection of magical books in the Alps Tribunal. He is protective of his library but sometimes lets other magi make copies in return for payment. He is interested in rare books and in permanent Arcane Connections to interesting people, creatures, or places.
  • Bellatrix of Flambeau was once a famous battle-mage, but has since retired to contemplate the mystical dimension of fire magic. She sometimes tutors younger magi in the arts of combat magic, or sells magical items of a martial bent. She is interested in Igmen vis, magical books, and insights into the Divine.


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