Ars Magica: Druesberg

Miscellaneous downtime events



  • Aqrab informs Pietyr (either in person or in a dream) that she could tutor him and the other magi in Magic Lore. Bring the other magi to her, she says, and she can pose as a teacher – they don’t need to know her real nature. Alternatively, if he brings her writing materials, she could write them a book for their covenant library.
  • Despite now being married to Dominic, Dionisia is very grateful for being rescued, and when Dominic’s back is turned she chases Pietyr around the covenant in the hope of expressing that gratitude.


  • He has a feeling that something went wrong while experimenting on his ward against flames, but he can’t tell what. The spell appears to function properly.
  • Shortly before the end of the two years, his magical dog breeding regime produces a puppy with Magic Might, which reaches maturity quickly. James gets to create a magical dog using the point-buy system in Realms of Power: Magic. It is a Spring character (120 starting XP) with a Magic Might of 10-size. You should probably use the stats for the Hound in RoP:M as a starting point, or one of the dog variants in Lords of Men if you have it.


  • In addition to the eight seasons of downtime, Sarrazin and Ivan each gain 10 XP from the Calebais adventure. (Other players spent this at the end of the session)
  • If Sarrazin continues to tutor Lady Elsa, that takes up two of his eight seasons. He gets 2 XP in Teaching for each one, and he gets to pick what he teaches her. She is clever and studious but does not have the magical Gift.


  • No character-specific events besides what we’ve discussed by email.


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