Ars Magica: Druesberg

New Magi

Arcturus, Malkan and Sir Adele picked up Sir Gilbert from Calebais and returned to the mountain town to find that the townsfolk were preparing to sacrifice a maiden to the dragon. They convinced the townsfolk to let them attempt to fight the dragon instead, and then succeeded in driving it off but not killing it. They rescued Ivan, who was heavily wounded but will recover under Malkan’s care. Pietyr and Cadheal are both dead.

In exchange to the arcane connections to the dragon and the town, Oracus of Criamon gave the covenant a high-quality book on Mentem.

Two new magi joined the covenant: Moro of Bjornaer, and Agnes of Criamon.

Arcturus explored the dead magi’s labs. Cadheal’s had become ambulatory and now roams the forest inhabited by officious talking rats. He retrieved the three ancient fertility fetishes that Cadheal had recovered from the first dragon’s hoard. In Pietyr’s lab, Arcturus found a hitherto-unknown book on Magic Lore in the middle of a circle of warding against demons.

The two new books are:

  • ‘The Spheres of the Mind’, Summa on Mentem, level 16, quality 15.
  • ‘The Magician’s Many Servants’, Summa on Magic Lore, level 3 quality 9.

There will be 8 seasons of downtime before the next adventure. Arcturus spends two of these fixing the arcane connections to give to Oracus, and Moro and Agnes each spend two seasons setting up their new labs in the covenant.

Over the course of these two years, the more observant characters notice that the people of the nearby village of Yberge are becoming more wary and hostile towards the magi and their associates.


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