Ars Magica: Druesberg

Story So Far: Calebais

Summer 1228: A Redcap named Ash delivered a damaged letter to the magi concerning the legendary covenant of Calebais, which collapsed into ruin fifty years ago. The letter’s owner had kept it secret since then, but recently heard of a disturbance in the village near Calebais, and asked Ash to seek the magi’s help in case the disturbance was related to the ruined covenant. The letter mentions the Bell of Ibyn, a magical artefact of great power.

The magi and their companions travelled to the village and set up a camp nearby. They learned that the disturbance was the death of a man and the disappearance of his daughter in the forest. The magi learned that satyrs live in part of the forest, and met Sir Gilbert, a knight who has come to slay the dragon he believes lives in the forest.

The magi managed to navigate through the magical illusions warding the covenant site, and reached the covenant itself. They have descended into the underground ruins of Calebais and met several of its inhabitants, which include ghosts, and humanoid ferret-like creatures called Hrools, and a fire drake who was once a familiar. They have also found and adopted an ambulatory rock, which was one a human child, and which they have promised to keep safe at the behest of his mother’s ghost.

The magi managed to reach the ruined laboratories of the magi of Calebais, and explored the lab that once belonged to a maga named Drininkeana, whose magic appeared to focus on plants and earth. From here they recovered a pair of books and a set of enchanted crystalline plants.

Two of the characters have been wounded in the ruins. Sister Abigail is heavily wounded, unable move herself without assistance, and will likely take several seasons to recover. Cadheal has several light wounds, which will likely heal in one or two weeks; currently he can walk slowly without assistance but not perform strenuous activities.


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