Ars Magica: Druesberg

Story So Far: Lord Erwin

In Autumn 1222, the magi met Joachim the Scribe, who introduced them to his master Lord Erwin, the feudal lord whose land is closest to the covenant.

Hoping to gain Joachim’s service from Erwin, the magi went to his castle to impress him with a magic show. Unfortunately they failed to overcome the effects of the Gift, and were forced to abandon the plan.

That Christmas (1222), Lord Erwin’s castle came under attack by a Lindwurm. The magi and their companions dealt with the dragon and earned Lord Erwin’s gratitude.

A few years later, at Christmas 1226, Lord Erwin asked the magi to entertain him, his family, and his feudal superior, a visiting duke. He also wanted them to join him in hunting the Emperor Wolf. The magi impressed Erwin with a magic show, but, instead of hunting the wolf, got everyone really drunk and then made them think they had hunted the wolf.

Since that Christmas, Lord Erwin has sent his daughter, Lady Elsa, to study at the covenant under Sarrazin for one season each year. Erwin does not hide the fact that he hopes that this tuition will turn into a courtship, so that Erwin can gain some magi allies by marriage.


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