Ars Magica: Druesberg

Story So Far: Druesberg and Caelinus

The Covenant of Druesberg was once one of the most powerful in the Tribunal of the Greater Alps, but over the 12th Century the covenant declined as the magi aged and one by one entered Final Twilight.

In 1219 the Order of Hermes decided to send a set of new magi to revitalise the covenant, against the wishes of the last surviving magus of the previous generation, Caelinus of Bonisagus. The magi travelled to the covenant from Zurich and Caelinus reluctantly allowed them to set up labs.

In 1222, Caelinus departed on a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, saying he would be gone for one year, and leaving the new magi in charge in the meantime. He has not been heard from since.


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