Aldhin the Magic Rat

Cadheal's familiar


Magic Might: 17 (Animal)
Size: -7
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +2, Pre -2, Com -1, Str -14, Sta +1, Dex +3, Qik +8
Personality: Rat +3, Curious +3, Mischievous +3, Loyal +2
Virtues and flaws: Magic Animal, Unaffected by the Gift, True Friend; Magical Animal Companion
Magical Qualities: Lesser Power x2, Ritual Power x2, Improved Soak x2


Bite: Init + 8, Attack + 7, Defence + 13, Damage – 14
Soak: + 5
Wound penalties: Incapacitated (1), Dead (2 + )
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious


Athletics 5 (climbing)
Awareness 4 (larger animals)
Brawl 3 (bite)
Stealth 4 (hiding)
Survival 3 (urban)
Folk Ken 4 (kitchen workers)
Legerdemain 4 (filching)
Swim 4 (quickly)
Magic Theory 0 [4 XP]

Magical abilities

Uncatchable rat (0 points, constant, Animal)

No mundane animal can touch the rat if he doesn’t want them to. The rat will always be able to run just faster than his pursuer, and their claws and teeth will fail to find purchase. This power does not affect humans or magical creatures, althouth the rat’s quickness and dexterity still make him difficult to catch.
(Base 2, +2 Sun, +2 constant effect; 2 Mastery points to reduce Might cost to 0)

Detect disease (1 point, Init +6, Corpus)

By climbing over a subject and sniffing them, the rat can determine their general health and find any areas that are diseased. He can’t idenfity specific diseases, but he can show a human physician where to look.
(Based on the spell Physician’s Eye.)

Inflict disease (5 points, Init -2, Corpus)

The rat can cause disease with a bite. The victim makes a Stamina roll against an Ease Factor of 6. If they succeed, they feel unwell for a few days but suffer no serious consequences. If they fail, they suffer the equivalent of an Incapacitating Wound, from which they must roll as normal to recover (and which can prove fatal). The symptoms include pain, vomiting, and an outbreak of boils which will likely leave scars even if the victim recovers. The disease does not transfer to other people. Note that the rat must deliberately use this power and spend 5 Might Points to cause disease; normally his bite causes only a minor scratch.
(Based the spell Curse of the Leprous Flesh, although the disease has different symptoms.)

Call the Swarm (8 points, Init -8, Animal)

Calls all the mundane rats within a boundary (such as a town or city) to the magical rat’s location. The rats aren’t compelled to obey the magical rat, although they treat him with respect and will usually obey any reasonable requests. The swarm of rats will likely cause chaos if called to a populated area. The swarm stays together until the next sunrise or sunset, when it disperses. Using this power is very taxing for the magical rat: it reduces his permanent Might Score by 8 points, each of which returns after a season of rest in a magical aura (so it takes two years for the rat to fully recover).
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +4 Bound)


Nobody, least of all Aldhin, knows where he originally came from. It’s not certain whether he was born magical, perhaps a faery rat, or became magical through accident or experiment – or perhaps simply by hanging around fairies for too long, stealing their magical fairy hardboiled eggs. Whatever his origins, he fell in with a young Gifted boy during the child’s time spent living among the fey of Brittany, and when the boy was sent to a Covenant to study magic, Aldhin promptly became a thorn in the side of every servant who passed through its halls. Later bound as Cadheal’s familiar, Aldhin was granted the ability to speak, although he never lost his ratty nature – or his belief that a hard-boiled egg is the highest imaginable form of culinary art.

Burned and disfigured by dragonfire and deeply wounded by Cadheal’s death, Aldhin was unwittingly carried back to the covenant after the dragon accident along with the wounded Ivan the Unwashed. His presence in the Covenant was later discovered by the rats of Cadheal’s laboratory; they have now taken in both him and the mundane doe who has become his companion in order to care for their Elder in his dotage.

Aldhin can no longer speak human language; the breaking of Cadheal’s bond to his familiar was the trigger for the magic that rendered the Rats of the Stump sentient, and as part of that transaction his own ability to communicate was consumed. Although as a magical creature he has already lived many times the normal short lifespan of a rat, he is clearly in his final days. At present, he is almost certainly enjoying lording it over the chaotic clan of spiritual offspring Cadheal’s deep affection for him created.

Aldhin the Magic Rat

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