Mysterious supernatural teacher


A supernatural being that has taken up residence near the covenant. She has appeared as an Arabic-looking woman dressed in a simple blue dress, a blue-skinned djinnja dressed only in a loincloth, and a cloud of midnight-blue smoke filled with eyes and mouths. It is not known which, if any, is her true form.

Aqrab has offered to teach Pietyr magical secrets, and he has built a secret temple in the mountain as a site for her to do this.

Aqrab has demonstrated an ability to appear and disappear at will, and has cast what appeared to be Hermetic spells (notably including a healing spell).

When the giant living near the covenant was going to convert to Christianity, Aqrab convinced Pietyr that this would damage the covenant’s Magic aura, leading the magi to convince the giant to remain a pagan.

After reading a book that she gave to Fulbert of Beziers, Sarrazin has learned Aqrab’s True Name, which constitutes and Arcane Connection to her.

A character being taught by Aqrab gains 20 XP per season, if they are her only pupil. She has taught Pietyr Magic Lore, Infernal Lore and Faerie Lore.



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