A bookish rat from the Stump community


Gregory is a young rat from the extraordinary community living in the Stump (Cadheal’s former laboratory, now ambulatory cheese store and rat palace). He wears diminutive round-lensed spectacles, adores books and has the ability to, apparently magically, sense roughly what a book is about simply by sniffing it. He assisted Arcturus with deciphering Cadheal’s unusual library, stored on a series of magical pine cones, and has become a general helpmeet around the Druesberg covenant in exchange for all the books (and cheese, bacon etcetera) he can eat.

He is agouti (ticked brown) in colour with an unusual mask-like white marking covering half his face. Strangely, this marking exactly resembles the shape of the disfiguring burns Aldhin suffered as a result of the dragonfire.


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