The Giant

A brutish giant whom the magi have allowed to live near the covenant.


A simple-minded, brutish giant, whom the players allowed to live in a cave near the covenant after he was forced from his home near Lake Brienz by another magus. His name is unknown, and he may not have one. He is aligned with the Magic realm, and needs to live in a Magic aura or waste away. He mostly feeds on animals from the forest, although he is known to have cannibalistic tendencies.

The giant stands 20 feet tall and wears crude garments stitched together out of bear skins. He carries a cudgel made from a tree trunk.

The giant almost converted to Christianity, but some of the magi convinced him not to, after Aqrab told Pietyr that this could lead to a weakening of the covenant’s Magic aura.

The giant later began to prey on the people of Yberge, and following the arrival of a new, somewhat fundamentalist priest the magi were forced to kill him in order to maintain good relations with their mundane neighbours.


The Giant

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