Arcturus's Magical Dog


Int 0
Per +2
Pre -2
Com +2 (from the qualities that dogs get)
Str 0
Sta +2
Dex +1
Qui +2

Domesticated, keen sense of smell, pack animal, pack leader, pursuit predator, vocal

Virtues and Flaws from dog template
Sharp ears, Long winded, Improved characteristics, reckless

Virtues and flaws that I’ve tagged onto her
Unaffected by gift
Lesser immunity (cold)
Animal ken
Magical friend (social status)
Disfigured (weird frostlike appearance (ice for teeth and claws, a frostlike sheen to her fur)
Close family ties (I figured this would be an amusing flaw for a dog, given that her family are all in Arcturus’s lab and therefore she will spend a lot of time around him and by proximity her family).
True Friend

Magic Might: 10 (Dogs are size 0 apparently)

Magical qualities and inferiorities
Greater power x2
Minor virtue (tough)
Improved soak x2
Lesser power
Personal power
Susceptible to deprivation

Nose of the bloodhound (RoP:M p57 it’s one of the black dog of the moor’s powers)
Personal beast of outlandish size modified down to 0 might points via mastery assuming I’ve built that right (i’ve dropped it to personal so should be a cheaper power), I probably haven’t)
Circle of Beast warding (+2 initiative, 1 might cost, 10xp penetration skill as per the mastery rules (or more accurately as the lion of virtue’s power wrote and I stole it)

Hunt (prey) 4 (free from pursuit predator)
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Brawl (bite) 3
Animal Ken (canines) 2
Penetration (personal powers) 5 (80xp)
Magic theory 1 (gave her this as she has been around and involved in Arcturus’s experiements since birth)
Survival 1


Winterfang is the culmination of Arcturus’s magical dog experiment. After generations of breeding dogs in his lab, surrounding them with several enchantments, he produced Winterfang.

She is warped in a manner appropriate to Arcturus’s wintery magic and has ice for fangs (although they are as strong as normal fangs), blue skin beneath her fur and eyes that appear to be made of crystal blue ice.

She has now been bound to Arcturus as his familiar and her fur has taken on a frost like sheen which makes it glitter like frost on a winter morning.

She is unaffected by the gift and finds the other mages amusing and has no qualms in using the standard puppy dog eye trick in order to elicit tasty unwanted morsels of food from the dinner table.


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