Covenant Lab Texts

Lab Texts

A lab text allows you to quickly learn a spell that another magus has invented. You can learn the spell in one season if your Lab Total (Technique + Form + Intelligence + Magic Theory + 5) is equal to or greater than its level.

Some spells have requisites, in which case you use the lower of the scores, e.g. a Creo [Rego] Auram spell would use the lower of your Creo and Rego scoes, plus Auram.

It is possible to write up lab texts of spells you know so that others can learn them.

The covenant library possesses lab texts for the following spells. It is also possible to trade with other magi in the Order for spells the covenant does not possess.


  • Image of the Beast (Intellego Animal 5) – gives you an image of an animal to which you have an Arcane Connection.
  • Beast of Outlandish Size (Muto Animal 15) – makes an animal bigger
  • Agony of the Beast (Perdo Animal 15) – causes an animal pain
  • Cripple the Howling Wolf (Perdo Animal 25) – breaks an animal’s limb
  • Circle of Beast Warding (Rego Animal 5) – no non-magical beast will cross circle
  • Soothe the Ferocious Bear (Rego Animal 10) – calms an animal until it is aroused again
  • Mastering the Unruly Beast (Rego Animal 25) – control an animal while you concentrate


  • Mighty Torrent of Water (Creo Aquam 20) – jet of water sprays from your arms, possibly sending people flying
  • Comfort of the Drenched Travelled (Perdo Aquam 5) – dries a person and their clothes
  • Voice of the Lake (Intellego Aquam 25) – hold a conversation with a (small) body of water
  • Lungs of the Fish (Muto Aquam [Auram] 20) – allows a person to breathe water
  • Parting the Waves (Rego Aquam 30) – parts a body of water, revealing a dry path


  • Air’s Ghostly Form (Creo Auram 5) – creates fog
  • Broom of the Winds (Creo Auram 15) – whips up wind around the target, potentially knocking them over
  • Circling Winds of Protection (Creo [Rego] Auram 20) – surrounds you with protective circling winds
  • The Incantation of Lightning (Creo Auram 35) – shoots a lightning bolt from your fingers
  • Eyes of the Bat (Intellego Auram 25) – lets you navigate in complete darkness

Written up for the covenant by Severin of Tytalus:

  • Ward against Rain (Rego Auram 10) – no rain falls on caster


  • Purification of the Festering Wounds (Creo Corpus 20) – provides a +9 bonus to recovery rolls
  • The Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch (Creo Corpus 20, ritual) – heals a single light wound.
  • Awaken the Slumbering Corpse (Rego Corpus 25) – animates a corpse while you concentrate
  • Seven-League Stride (Rego Corpus 30) – Transports you to any place within seven leagues (21 miles) that you can see or have an Arcane Connection to.


  • Converse with Plant and Tree (Intellego Herbam 25) – lets you speak to a plant
  • Pass the Unyielding Portal (Muto Herbam 5) – makes the wood of a door pliable so you can push through it
  • Ward Against the Faeries of the Wood (Rego Herbam 20) – no faerie of the wood with Might below 20 can cross the circle
  • Ward Against Wood (Rego Herbam 25) – nothing made of wood can touch you
  • The Treacherous Spear (Rego Herbam 25) – wooden weapon breaks free of its wielder and attacks them for two minutes

Spells written up for the covenant by Severin of Tytalus:

  • Acorns for Amusement (Rego Herbam 5) – hurls a small wooden item, dealing damage
  • Carnivorous House (Rego Herbam 35) – animates a wooden building
  • Carved Assassin (Rego Herbam 20) – animates a wooden object so it follows simple commands
  • Enemies All Aquiver (Rego Herbam 15) – flings the wooden contents of a container into a group of enemies
  • Rickety Stack (Rego Herbam 5) – move small wooden objects about
  • Rough-Hewn Servant (Rego Herbam 10) – carves a statue from a block of wood
  • Tomb of Kaineus (Rego Herbam 20) – buries the target under a mound of plant matter


  • Pilum of Fire (Creo Ignem 20) – jet of flame does +15 damage
  • Ball of Abysmal Flame (Creo Ignem 35) – ball of flame does +30 damage
  • Light Shaft of the Night (Rego Ignem 20) – focuses starlight and moonlight onto an area
  • Ward Against Heat and Flames (Rego Ignem 25) – touched person gains +15 soak vs fire


  • Phantasm of the Talking Head (Creo Imaginem 10) – creates an illusory, talking face on a wall
  • Prying Eyes (Intellego Imaginem 5) – see into a room while you touch one of its walls
  • Eyes of the Eagle (Intellego Imaginem 25) – see distant things clearly
  • Summoning the Distant Image (Intellego Imaginem 25) – see and hear what is happening in a place to which you have an Arcane Connection
  • Disguise of the Transformed Image (Muto Imaginem 15) – makes someone appear completely different (but still human) to all senses
  • Invisibility of the Standing Wizard (Perdo Imaginem 15) – touched person is invisible while they stand still


  • Memory of the Distant Dream (Creo Mentem 20) – inserts a memory into the target’s mind
  • Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (Intellego Mentem 20) – target’s breath clouds if they lie
  • Posing the Silent Question (Intellego Mentem 20) – read the answer to one question from target’s mind
  • Thoughts Within Babble (Intellego Mentem 25) – understand the speech of everyone around you, even if speaking different languages
  • Loss of But a Moment’s Memory (Perdo Mentem 15) – remove up to five minutes of memory from target


  • Eyes of the Treacherous Terrain (Intellego Terram 15) – immediately see if natural terrain is treacherous
  • Stone Tell of the Mind that Sits (Intellego Terram 30) – speak with a a natural stone
  • Cascade of Rocks (Perdo Terram 40) – causes an avalanche
  • The Unseen Porter (Rego Terram 10) – slowly moves a large nonliving thing


  • Piercing the Faerie Veil (Intellego Vim 20) – see through the boundaries of Faerie regiones
  • Circular Ward Against Demons (Rego Vim 15) – demons with Might of 15 or less cannot cross the circle
  • Watching Ward (Rego Vim 15, ritual) – suspends one or more other spells (up to total level 15) on a target so they take effect when a simple condition is met
  • Aegis of the Hearth (Rego Vim 20) – protects the covenant from supernatural creatures of Might 20 or less, and enemy wizards
  • Aegis of the Hearth (Rego Vim 30) – protects the covenant from supernatural creatures of Might 30 or less, and enemy wizards


  • Instructions for making a Winter Cloak (Creo Ignem 18)
  • Ierimyra’s process for granting animals intelligence (no level, one season to study)

Covenant Lab Texts

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