Covenant of Druesberg


A small fortress built into the side of the snowy mountain for which it was named, the Covenant of Druesberg was once one of the most powerful in the Tribunal of the Greater Alps. It stands in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with an unusually strong Magic aura.

Over the 12th Century the covenant declined as the magi aged and one by one entered Final Twilight. In 1219 the Order of Hermes decided to send a set of new magi to revitalise the covenant, against the wishes of the last surviving magus of the previous generation, Caelinus of Bonisagus. With Caelinus missing for several years, the young magi are now in charge of their own covenant and gradually growing into their magical power.


Arcturus of Flambeau
Cadheal of Merinita
Pietyr of Verditius
Sarrazin Ex Miscellenia


Level 5 Magic aura


  • Aegis of the Hearth, level 20. Prevents supernatural creatures from entering (although it cannot stop strong ones) and inhibits the ability of non-Covenant magi to cast spells.
  • Inaccessible location
  • Stone curtain walls (although Cadhael’s sanctum is outside the walls)
  • A small band of grogs


Covenant Approach
Covenant Courtyard
Covenant main building ground floor
Covenant main building upper floors
Covenant basement
Faerie Forest
Yberge village

Covenant of Druesberg

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