Down-time activities guide

Characters advance in between adventures, by declaring one long-term activity per season. Please let me know by email what you want your characters to do.

Things characters can do:

Improve Arts and Abilities

Increase your power! You can improve either Arts or Abilities by reading books. You can improve Abilities (but not Arts) by practice, and you can improve Arts by consuming vis. You can also try to find another character to teach you.

Improving Abilities by practice or by being taught are more or less the only things non-magus characters can do.

Learn new spells

You can learn an existing spell from a lab text or invent a new one. Learning from a lab text is quicker, but inventing a new one is obviously more flexible. You can create spells to do pretty much anything you like, subject to a few limits of magic. If you’ve invented a spell you can also write up a lab text so others can learn it.

Create an enchanted item

You can create an enchanted item to do most things you can do with a spell. You don’t need to know a spell first in order to create an item to do the same thing.

Create a talisman

This is a special enchanted item that’s attuned to you. You can enchant it with more powers, and get bonuses to all your spellcasting according to its shape and material.

Find a familiar

A familiar gives you various bonuses. If you already have one, you can spend time strengthening the bond (increasing the bonuses), and enchant it with powers like an enchanted item.

Take an apprentice

In order to take an apprentice you first need a score of 5 in all the Arts. While you have an apprentice you spend one season per year teaching them, and they can act as a useful lab assistant.

Create a longevity ritual

Extend your lifespan with a longevity ritual, or pay a more senior NPC magus to do it for you.


You can also embark on long-term projects of your own devising which don’t fall into the above categories.

Down-time activities guide

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