The Library of Invertalia

The Library of Invertalia is hidden in a magical regio accessible through a waterfall close to the covenant. A golem guards the library. It will allow people to enter and leave, and to read the books, but will not allow anyone to remove books from the library. The library has a Magic aura of 6.

Someone studying from the library gains 15 XP per season.

The library can be used to study any of the Hermetic Arts, up to level 15.

It can also be used to study the following Abilities, up to level 5:

  • Code of Hermes
  • Order of Hermes Lore
  • Dominion Lore
  • Faerie Lore
  • Finesse
  • Infernal Lore
  • Magic Lore
  • Magic Theory
  • Parma Magica
  • Penetration
  • Concentration
  • Artes Liberales
  • Philosophiae
  • Theology

Finally, the library contains lab texts for all spells described in the core rulebook. It contains lab facilities that can be used only to learn spells from lab texts, not to invent new spells or create items (although the magi might potentially build labs in the library).

The Library of Invertalia

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