Vis sources and stocks


‘Vis’ is magical power that has become concentrated in a physical object. It is needed for casting ritual spells and creating enchanted devices, and it can also be studied to increase a magus’s art scores (which consumes the vis). It comes in fifteen types, one for each of the magical Arts.

Vis stocks are as of the end of 1228, including the vis gained from Calebais, and the one pawn Cadheal used to fix the arcane connection to the woman.

Vis stocks

Creo: 10
Intellego: 10
Muto: 4
Perdo: 15
Rego: 6
Animal: 9
Aquam: 13
Auram: 18
Corpus: 5
Herbam: 26
Ignem: 13
Imaginem: 13
Mentem: 10
Terram: 13
Vim: 9

Vis source details

The Great Oak: Creo and Herbam

The grandest tree in the forest near the village is a large oak, standing by itself in a circular clearing as if the other trees are standing back out of respect. Each year the tree produces acorns, some of which contain Creo and Herbam vis. The faerie Queen of the Forest considers the tree to be her property, but the previous generation of magi at the covenant negotiated the right to harvest vis from it each year.

Pawns per year: 4 Creo, 4 Herbam

Isabella’s glade: Imaginem

Each spring, unnaturally colourful flowers appear in the glade of Isabella the forest nymph. Isabella picks these and makes them into a wreath, which she will happily grant to any servant of the covenant who entertains her with a story or a song. The wreath contains Imaginem vis.

Pawns per year: 2 Imaginem

Caelinus’s lens: Ignem

This is a product of one of Caelinus’s magical experiments, which he has been unable to reproduce. A glass lens, set into a brass frame inscribed with astrological symbols. Once per year, it can be used to focus the light of the full moon into a small object, which becomes infused with Ignem vis.

Pawns per year: 2 Ignem

Pietyr’s crystals: Terram (Pietyr’s personal source)

These crystals grow in a cave close to the covenant. Decades ago, Pietyr’s parens visited the Druesberg covenant and discovered a technique to draw Terram vis from deep within the mountain into the crystals. He kept this technique secret, but explained it to Pietyr before he left to join the covenant. Terram vis can be extracted each year, only by Pietyr (or someone else who knows the secret).

Pawns per year: 2 Terram

The Demonic Reliquary: Vim

Since the magi placed the demonic reliquary they recovered in the covenant’s basement, a dark, oily substance has begun seeping from cracks in the casing. The oil seeps out very slowly, forming a small pool after a year, and magical investigation reveals that this pool contains Vim vis.

Pawns per year: 2 Vim


A waterfall on the mountain above the covenant. When it is swelled with snow-melt each spring, pieces of ice found floating in it contain Aquam and Perdo vis.

Pawns per year: 2 Aquam, 2 Perdo

Lightning stones

The largest thunderstorm of each year, usually around summer, has lightning strike the roof of the tower. The stones where it strikes become infused with Auram vis.

Pawns per year: 2 Auram

Other vis sources

Vim vis can be extracted from the magical aura as a seasonal activity.

Occasional visiting Redcaps (usually one per year) can trade one type of vis for another. The exchange rate is usually 2-for-1, and Technique vis (Creo, Intellego, Muto, Perdo, Rego) vis is counted as twice as valuable as Form vis.

Vis sources and stocks

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